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Update CSS v1.0.0.76_build(5198)_06.02.2013

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By VaTNick - Posted on 06 Февраль 2013


  • Added mat_viewportupscale and mat_viewportscale to enable rendering the world at a reduced resolution "mat_viewportupscale 1" and "mat_viewportscale 0.5" will downscale world rendering by 50%
  • Added positional audio support for Mumble clients
  • Added a new ConVar mp_mapcycle_empty_timeout_seconds to trigger a changelevel when the server is empty
  • Added a new ConVar sv_shutdown_timeout_minutes
    Forces a server to shutdown if it has been requested to do so, even if the server is not empty
  • Fixed a ConVar exploit that allowed malformed values to circumvent range checks
  • Fixed a con_logfile ConVar exploit
  • Fixed HTTP downloads on Mac not sending an HTTP referer
  • Fixed a bug that prevented consecutive clicks on scrollbar buttons
  • Fixed a bug that was causing intermittent lag spikes for Linux dedicated servers
  • Fixed a crash while command-tabbing on Mac in fullscreen
  • Fixed a client crash in the sound emitter
  • Fixed an audio problem for Mac users
  • Fixed MOTD sometimes not displaying HTML contents
    Improved the performance and stability of the libraries used for in-game HTML display
    Performance and stability improvements
  • Updated to support Big Picture mode

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